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“Automated Recognition and Tracking of Aerosol Threat Plumes with an IR Camera Pod.”, Defense, Security, and Sensing 2012, SPIE,  Baltimore, Maryland, April 2012 Link Here

“Hyperspectral Imaging FTIR Sensor Design for Standoff Detection Applications”, Defense, Security, and Sensing  2012, SPIE,  Baltimore, Maryland, April 2012 Link Here

“Implementation and Testing of a Sensor-netting Algorithm for Early Warning and High Confidence C/B Threat Detection”, Defense, Security, and Sensing 2011, SPIE, Orlando, FL, April 2011. Link Here

“Sensor-netting Algorithm for CB Threat Mapping”, Defense, Security, and Sensing 2010, SPIE, Orlando, FL, April 2010. Link Here

11th International Symposium on Flow Visualization

August 9-12, 2004, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana Link Here

“To Stand and Protect”, Mechanical Engineering Magazine, Febuary 2004 Link Here