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Advanced Engineering

Since 1978, MESH has been providing clients with engineering services to solve their most complex problems. We specialize in:

C, C++, C#, and VB
Windows, Embedded Linux

Thermal/Mechanical Design
Mechanical CAD
Motion via DC/Stepper Motors and Piezoelectric
Thermoelectric Cooling and Heating
Fluid mechanics Design for Pumps and Fans
PID Control Algorithms

Signal Conditioning Pre-amps and A/D Converters
Linear and Position Sensors
Visable and Infrared Light Measurements
Temperature and Pressure Sensors
GPS, Compass and Weather Station Interfacing

Algorithm Development
Pattern Recognition
Infared Analysis
Data Fusion
Tomography Techniques
Digital Filtering
Curve Fitting

Graphs, GUI, Map Layers
Instrument Status and Control via live Internet Feed
GPS Vehicle Tracking
Multi Sensor Control
Special Displays

Circuit Design, Breadboarding and Testing
Microprocessers, Such as PIC and Digi Rabbit Single Chip Computers
FPGA Logic Chips
Printed Circuit Schematic Capture and Layout
Firmware in C, VHDL and Varilog